Smooth Sailing

I met Jeff at an open house and he was so incredibly easy to talk to- friendly, honest and laid back yet totally professional.

I was hooked, even before he drove us all around from the far reaches of Dorchester to Newton, and everything in between. (He laid out the pros and cons of towns north of the river and was willing to take us there if we wanted but we decided to stay south of the city.)

Everywhere we went, Jeff knew, street by street, the pros and cons, where to get your groceries, which hidden little store had the best wine selection or the nicest/local owners, the best coffee, how to commute to wherever you need to go and how easy or bad it would be by but or T or driving or cycling.

Looking at houses, Jeff has the ability to notice the littlest details that add character and value, or a tiny little crack the means “run away fast!”

I was amazed at what Jeff noticed at each house he took us to, how easily he knows his way around and the depth and breadth of knowledge.

Our home buying process was so smooth with Jeff. He is so easy to get along with, made our folks happy and at ease when the came to visit and wanted to get an idea of the local market, AND Jeff is GREAT WITH KIDS! My son LOVES Jeff, and I now consider Jeff one of our good friends and always look forward to seeing him again.